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Clear Skin Max Acne Product Review $69

Clear Skin Max Acne Product Review

  • Trustworty
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
  • Guarantee

Clear Skin Max Acne Product Review

Overview & specifications:

This Clear Skin Max acne product review is meant to show you why this product is in the “top three” list of the products I’ve reviewed on this site, to help you overcome acne.

Here’s what makes Clear Skin Max a great product choice:

  • This is a 6-step system acne treatment plan, giving you healthier, better-looking skin
  • Their multistep system compares to Exposed Skin’s approach (also reviewed on this site)
  • Quick, easy-to-follow process makes this a quick daily routine
  • No harsh chemical ingredients to irritate your skin
  • Blemish-free guarantee

They back their product with a full 30 day guarantee–and that gives you a good few weeks to really put Clear Skin to the test. If you don’t like it, you can quickly get a full refund (but with a refund rate as low as they have, it shows that their products are working well for most people).

Here’s what the Clear Skin Max Acne-Fighting kit looks like:

One of the top three best acne products reviewed on this site--Clear Skin Max

This product is comes as a “kit”, with multiple products that you use in a series of cleansing steps.

One thing I like about this kit is that it works well with variable skin types (from drier to oily skin).
This lets you decide how deeply you want to cleanse your skin, based on your skin type.

This also gives you a better chance at success, if you can customize your acne treatment plan for your needs–also something that the best ranking acne products let you do by way of customization.

Inside the kit, you’ll find a number of individual products that you’ll use to cleanse your skin, which I’ll highlight for you now.

1. Tea Tree Oil Control Cleansing Gel

Get clearer skin, with this powerful tea tree oil acne product

This cleansing gel combines tea tree oil ( a powerful, natural anti-bacterial oil) with scientific ingredients developed by Clear Skin, to give clean your skin, without drying it out.

Use this daily, to clean your skin, to sweep away bacteria and get healthier skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial tea tree oil reduces embarrassing red pimples
  • Bladderwrack extract (algae) soothes red, irritated skin, giving you a healthier glow
  • Chamomile Extract soothes redness and gets your skin looking better, fast

2. Skin Softening Essence

Best Acne Products Reviewed: Clear Skin Max moisturizes and cleans your skin problemsAfter you’ve used your tea tree oil gel, you help raise your skin’s moisture levels with this soothing Skin Softening Essence.

This helps fight against drying your skin (which can make acne worse, by the way), and gives your skin much needed moisture–something that the best acne products on the market will always do.

Keeping your skin hydrated, and not too dry is one of the benefits of using a multi-step system, and helps you get better looking skin.

  • Vitamin B3 helps increase fatty acid levels in your skin, giving your skin a full, soft look
  • Algae Extract gives your skin a soft, glowing look  by supporting healthy moisture levels
  • Helps prevent water loss, and encourages circulation, for healthier looking skin, fast


 3. Vanisher Mask to Control Acne

Vanisher mask is used weekly to reduce acne and prevent outbreaksYou’ll use this mask one or twice per week (I prefer twice, personally), depending on your skin type.

After you’ve cleaned and moisturized your skin, it’s important to open your pores and lift out deep-seated dirt that can cause blackhead and pimples.

This is where you’ll love the Vanisher Mask!

This mask has Allatonoin in it, which is non-allergenic, for all skin types–and is great at exfoliating your skin. It works by gently lifting out deep oils deposits and moisturizing, to give you a healthy look and feel to your skin.

By lifting off dead skin cells, your skin can absorb moisture faster–resulting in better looking skin within days of starting this routine. I notices softer looking and feelings skin, following the mask.


4. Pore Astringent for Clearer Looking Skin

Shrink pores and give yourself healthier looking skinFollowing your daily cleansing, you’ll want to use an astringent to close your pores to prevent dirt and oils from clogging them.

The Pore Astringent is a good product for this purpose, and I found it works well to give my skin a smooth, clean look, without feeling “tight”.  Remember, the acne products that work best, will cleanse and moisturize, to give you soft (not tight) skin.

If you skin feels tight, experiment with using this every other day.


  • Closes your pores to prevent oil from clogging and giving your more acne problems
  • Witch Hazel is a powerful natural astringent and may reduce wrinkles if used regularly
  • Witch Hazel has shown promise in relieving acne and psoriasis, helping improve your skin


5. Emergency Repair

Recover from outbreaks faster and get acne-free!Outbreaks can happen from time to time, because no matter how hard you try, you’re going to have a zit now and then–and when you do, you’ll want to stop it fast.

Get immediate relief from red, painful, annoying blemishes with this Emergency Repair cream.


  • Squalene oil helps to speed the healing process, to get you acne-free, fast
  • Improve your skin’s ability to hydrate and recover from outbreaks
  • Vitamin E reduces potential scars and keeps your skin looking great


 6. Anti-Acne Tea Blend for Cleansing

Drink a cup of anti-acne tea daily, for healthier, clearer skinIt’s important that you detoxify your system, and flush out impurities that can clog pores with toxins. That’s where this tea comes in handy.

Clear Skin’s process includes an herbal support tea that you can drink daily, to help your skin look great.

It tastes good, with a pleasant, uplifting aroma.

All you have to do is brew a cup of this each day, and it does the trick. I think you’ll grow to like the ritual of having a cup or two of this tea each day.

  • Calms inflammation that can lead to acne, blemishes and skin problems
  • Helps relieve itching, redness and painful spots–keeping you comfortable each day
  • Contains herbal ingredients known to fight acne, so you see fast results

A Video from Clear Skin Max Showing the “6-Steps” in Action

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Clear Skin Max Product Review in Summary:

  • Trustworthiness: Clear Skin Max has a great reputation, with a solid business and great customer service.
  • Effectiveness: This is an effective product, for most people who try it. If you do not believe it works for you, you are covered by their money-back guarantee (see below)
  • Value: This is a bit more expensive than the other products in this category, but it still delivers great value and you get tea with it, so that increases cost a little
  • Guarantee: 30 day money-back guarantee. This is good. Not the longest guarantee in this category, but still plenty of time to try it without any risk, whatsoever.
  • Potential Negatives: If you are not into drinking tea, then you may find that part of the program doesn’t interest you. I suggest using the tea, for best results, but really, it’s up to you and your tastes.
  • Final Word: I give this a thumbs up, and hope you enjoyed my Clear Skin Max acne product review. 
  • Clear Skin Max ranks in the top for the Top Acne Solutions I’ve reviewed on this site.  They have a great product, solid reputation, good warranty and all the ingredients to help you get acne free.

Also, check out my article on tips to get you healthier looking skin. I hope you find it helpful!

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Exposed Skin Acne Product Review $59

Exposed Skin Acne Product Review

  • Trustworthy
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
  • Guarantee

The Exposed Skin Acne Product Review:

Overview & specifications:

This Exposed Skin Acne Product Review is meant to show you why Exposed Skin has earned the right to be at the top of the best acne products on this site. 

Just like the Clear Pore product, this acne-beating system comes with a bullet-proof guarantee, and is backed by a very solid company, offering these benefits:

  • You get a one year, 100% satisfaction, full money-back guarantee on your orders
  • Guaranteed “better skin” in 30 days, is also part of the money-back guarantee
  • $25 credit on your order when you send in an empty bottle of a competitor’s acne product
  • Fair and transparent billing practices prevent surprise billing or unwanted products
The “billing and guarantee” items are important to mention right away, since it proves that they stand behind their products, and remove the risk for you. The acne products from the best companies, will guarantee your satisfaction, and make remove all your risk in trying their products.
It’s important to deal with a reputable company online, since there are many shady companies out there. Exposed Skin is a company that you can trust, and do business with, without worrying about it.


Exposed Skin Video Review


Four Stage Cleansing Means You Get Healthier Skin

Step 1. Gently Detoxify and Cleanse Your Skin

Exposed Skin’s first step in fighting acne is to deeply cleanse your skin, using a creamy cleanser rich in botanical and natural extracts–proven to be effective in promoting clearer skin.

  • Sage extract attacks bacteria that can cause acne, giving you a clearer complexion
  • Pro-vitamin B5 gives you skin essential nutrients, for that healthy glow
  • Salicylic Acid (vitamin C) gently lifts dead skin cells away, for cleaner pores
This first step feels great. I think it’s the sage that gives a slight tingling sensation, but it could be the Salicylic Acid, too. At any rate, you feel deeply cleansed and your skin feels great, which is something  the acne products that work best,  have in common. .


Step 2.  Clearing Tonic Time

For the second step, the focus is on continuing to clear existing acne, while preventing new acne from forming. Again, the “clearing tonic” is rich in botanical (herbal) extracts that have a long history of safe use as anti-bacterial compounds.

This time around, you’ll get more exfoliation (removing of dead skin cells) and a dose of herbal compounds designed to help your skin balance its pH, and restore healthy oil levels.

Here are the botanicals you’ll get in the Cleansing Tonic:

  • Green Tea Extract protects you against sun damage and certain types of skin cancer

    Use aloe vera to nourish your skin

    Aloe Vera will help your skin feel smooth, soft and clear

  • Passion Flower Extract give you anti-aging benefits, for more youthful skin
  • Aloe Vera soothes your skin, evens skin tone and helps reduce wrinkles
  • Sage Extract cleanses and sanitizes, to protect against recurring acne breakouts
  • Salicylic Acid continues to exfoliate and cleanse, with anti-aging compounds
The Clearing Tonic goes on with a light, easy feel. You can tell it has botanicals in it, because you can feel it “working” on opening your pores.


In fact, after this tonic round, you may notice your pores are open, and many of the blackheads (especially around the nose) have vanished.


You might also notice that the Cleansing Tonic leaves your skin feeling like much of the oil has been lifted off of it. This is not to say that your skin feels dry, but it just feels really clean and smooth–which is a hallmark of a good acne product: they clean, but leave your skin soft and moist.


The next step in the process (step 3) is going to really get into the problem spots, so let’s take a look at that step right now.


Step 3.  Acne Treatment Serum

This step brings out the heavy hitting serum to finally get into the deep, dark corners of your skin problems–namely, into the realm of whiteheads, blackheads and scarring acne.
  • Kills acne bacteria
  • Prevents new blemishes
  • Uses Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil Extracts to even skin tone, and promote clearer skin
The active ingredient here is a mild level of Benzoyl Peroxide (3.5%) which basically scrubs away bacteria and impacted oils with a dose of oxygen-rich, bacteria-zapping compounds. It’s very gentle on your skin at this strength, and acts as a “peeling agent”. You’ll often find that the best acne products on the market, contain some kind of bacterial fighting agents like Benzoyl Peroxide or botanical ingredients.
Now it’s time for the final step.


Step 4.  Clear Pore Serum

This soothing serum eliminates whiteheads, blackheads and soothes acne blemishes.

It also helps to heal and renew your skin.

This is a great product to put on before you go to sleep, because it has powerful botanical ingredients that can work deeply into your skin, while you rest. You’ll wake up feeling like you have new skin, that’s fresh as a field of daisies. Or something like that!

Your Skin Will Feel Great

There’s no doubt about it. Your skin will feel awesome by the time you finish this multi-step process. It sounds time consuming, but really, it is relaxing and I find it a welcome break from the busy hours that fill my days.
I recommend Exposed Skin’s Acne Treatment products, because they feel great, work well, and are among the top three best acne products on the market today


Exposed Skin Acne Product Review in Summary

  • Trustworthiness: Exposed Skin scores high here, because they have reliable products, and a well-regarded company. No worries about getting your product from them on time.
  • Effectiveness: 98% of their users report clearer skin…that’s strong evidence, along with the testimonials on their website, that theirs is one of the best acne products available.
  • Value: They generally have special offers on their website that let you save up to 40%, as far as I’ve seen. It’s a great value at full price, but really a great deal at 40% off!
  • Guarantee: Awesome! 365 days of full coverage. A great risk-free guarantee for one of the best acne products out there.
  • Potential Negatives: Multiple cleansing steps means this takes a couple minutes longer than some routines. I don’t mind it, but someone might.
  • Final Word: In my Exposed Skin Acne Product Review I give this product a thumbs up.
  • Exposed Skin delivers one of the best acne products I’ve reviewed
  • It works and it’s guaranteed

Check out the deals at  Exposed Skin’s Acne Treatment website right now >>

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Clear Pores Acne Product Review $53

Clear Pores Acne Product Review

  • Trustworthy
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
  • Guarantee

The Clear Pores Acne Product Review:

Overview & specifications:

This  Clear Pores Acne Product review talks shows you why this three-phase skin “recovery system” is one of the best acne treatments I’ve reviewed on this site.

There’s a good reason why I like this product: it works–and it’s guaranteed to deliver you results.

Clear Pores is a company you can trust, and enjoy, doing business with in the days ahead.


Clear Pores:  Your 3 Step Plan to Acne-Free Skin

Step 1. Better looking skin from the inside-out

As I mentioned, many products just work on cleaning your skin on the surface.

This is the typical “soap and water” approach. You wash off surface dirt and oils, but don’t deal with other causes of acne–which are more internal.

Internal causes for acne are major issues for most acne sufferers, which is why you want a multi-step process for deep cleaning your skin (for more on this, you can read my article on 5 tips to finding acne treatments that work).

The Clear Pores system has an internal cleansing component that is designed to help you:

  • Balance your hormones for better skin
  • Improve sluggish digestion to eliminate toxins faster
  • Support your liver function for clearer, cleaner skin
  • Manage stress and avoid stress-induced “break-outs”


Clear Pores Dietary Supplement

The best acne products reviewed here often use internal cleansing to improve your skinWhen you order your Clean Pores system, you get an dietary supplement to cleanse your body from the inside out.

You take these capsules daily, as part of your acne clearing system.

Hormones contribute to acne, and your liver is responsible for balancing many of hormones that can lead to acne.

If your liver is “clogged” with toxins, then your hormones can quickly become imbalanced.

That is why I am a fan of Clear Pores’ Liver Cleansing supplement, that you take each day.

Here is a list of some of the “liver cleansing” herbs used in this formula–that are also used in Traditional Herbal Medicine:

  • Burdock, dandelion, tumeric and yellow dockhelp your liver detoxify faster, which means you are able to eliminate
    Some of the best acne products reviewed on this site, use milk thistle to help detoxify your liver and promote clearer skin

    Milk thistle helps cleanse your liver for better looking skin

    toxins that can cause oily, clogged pores

  • Licorice root, cayenne pepper, Kelp and red clover help nourish and moisten your skin, giving you a healthy glow, and smooth skin
  • Aloe vera and Echinachea soothe your digestion and calm inflammation, for great looking skin, year round

Taking liver cleansing herbs is something I try to do whenever I notice my skin breaking out.

Remember, the more impurities you can move out of your body, the faster your skin gets clear.

Liver cleanses and Full Body Cleansing  have helped me in the past, so I’d recommend you add them to your “acne battle plan” as well.

Step 2. Deep-cleansing to clear acne breakouts

This second step involves using a deep-cleanser that unlocks clogged pores.

This cleansing process helps eliminate built up bacteria and dead skin that often lead to blackheads and pimples.

You’ll notice your skin feels smoother, and refreshed after this cleansing step.

Deep cleaning is a great way to scrub away waxy build-up, restoring your body’s natural oils to normal levels.

Here are some of the benefits you might notice, from deep cleaning your pores:

  • Smoother skin with a healthy glow to it
  • No more shiny skin
  • Better  pH balance, to fight acne-causing bacteria
  • Acne blemishes vanish, helping your skin look awesome in days


Step 3. Protective Cream Gives Your Skin a Healthy Glow

The last step of their system involves putting on an oil-free, protective cream. This cream is made from a balanced blend of alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids.

This cream gives your skin a “one-two punch”–you moisturizes your skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

I think  this lotion feels very clean, without any greasy residue to clog your pores.

This makes a great finishing lotion to the cleansing process in step 2.

Clear Pores Acne Product Review in Summary

  • Trustworthiness: Clear Pores scores high on this, and reliability for both its products, and for the company. It is important that you deal with good people and good products.
  • Effectiveness: Overall, their acne treatment system gives you a  solid, full-body approach to better skin (just read their testimonials on their website).
  • Value: For clear, healthy skin–their prices are a deal. If you doubt that, try a visit or two to your local dermatologist–and take a look at that bill. Ouch!
  • Guarantee:  90 days of full coverage means a  risk-free offer to you.
  • Number #1 acne treatment system means this one of the best acne products
  • Potential Negatives: If you are not interested in taking a dietary supplement, then you’ll want to just buy the skin products–no biggie, really.
  • Final Word: I give this product and company a thumbs up–these are among the best acne products I’ve reviewed, and they are guaranteed to work, or you don’t pay a dime.

Check out the deals and special offers at the Clear Pores website right now >> 

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